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Select the MTA service for which you would like to receive alerts. A list of routes, lines, and bridges/tunnels will appear after selecting the service. You must select at least one MTA service. You can add others or edit after your account is created. Click for MTA trip itinerary
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Select the alerts you wish to receive about the MTA service or toll crossing you chose above. Alerts and LIRR Elevator outages are only sent to you when they affect the time periods you specify. Advisories, Reminders, and NYCT Elevator & Escalator outages are sent based on service only.

Please confirm which Elevator & Escalator alerts you want to receive:


Choose the time periods and days you would like to receive Alerts or LIRR Elevator Outages for this subscription. Either customize your alert times with the Create a Time Period feature, or pick from Pre-defined Time blocks by opting not to customize. You may use only one method of selecting time periods (customized or pre-defined) per subscription.

Customized time periods are available in 30 minute increments. You can add any number of variations by choosing times and clicking the ‘Add Time Period and Days’ button after each. (Example: Add 6:00AM-8:00AM Monday-Friday, AND 4:00PM-6:30PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday).

We recommend that you extend your alerts time frame to shortly before and shortly after your normal travel time to ensure you receive all necessary notifications.

Do you want to customize alert times: